Friday, 8 August 2014

Find Roommate For Your Room with Android Application

શું તમે અમદાવાદ માં તમારી માટે રૂમ શોધી રહ્યા છો?
શું તમે college ની નજીક રેહ્ઠાણ  શોધી રહ્યા છો?
શું તમે તમારી college ના મિત્રો સાથે રેહવા માગો છો?
શું તમે તમારો રૂમ તમારી જ college ના વિદ્યાર્થી ની સાથે share કરવા માગો છો?
તો download કરો Roommate Finder Android Application તમારા smart  phone માં અને શોધી કાઢો રૂમ તમારીજ college ની નજીક ના જ વિસ્તાર માં અથવા તો room post કરો અને share કરો રૂમ તમારીજ college ના વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્રો સાથે
Roommate Finder application માં 2 વિકલ્પ આપ્યા છે જેના મદદ થી કોઈ પણ college નો વિદ્યાર્થી પોતાનો room share કરી શકે છે અથવા તો પોતાના માટે રૂમ શોધી શકે છે.
Profile બનાવતી સમય અ તમારે તમારું નામ, તમારી college નું નામ, college batch વર્ષ, ફોન નંબર જેવી માહિતી ભરવાની હોય છે જે થી કોઈ બીજો વિદ્યાર્થી તમારો સરળતા થી સંપર્ક કરી શકે. તમારી પાસે જો રૂમ હોય અને તમારે તમારો રૂમ share કરવો હોય તો તમે application ની મદદ થી સરળતા થી તમારો profile બનાવી ને તમે રૂમ ની detail રૂમ ના ફોટો સાથે post કરો.
Download Roommate Finder in Google playstore

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Find a Roommate or Room with PG Finder Mobile Application

PG Finder
Arth Infosoft a launched new android application name is PG Finder. PG Finder is very helpful app for the college students who are finding room for rent as well as find roommates for their room. PG Finder is not affiliated with any particular college or university or any Real estate, but rather than it is an independent Android application for students who are looking for roommates or find a room. The application makes finding your college roommate, easy, fast and free.

Now a day’s find roommates or room quickly and easily with the mobile application. PG Finder is a great android application for those college outsider students who gets admission in another city they have faced residential problem to find the room. It’s free and simple install app and search, roommate or room by your college name. If you want to find a roommate for your room, then go into the roommate tab option or if you want to find room then select room option. You can find off campus housing nearby your college, or university by browsing the search in our database.

In Ahmedabad there are lots of colleges and number of students is taking admission in these colleges. For outsider students of Ahmedabad, PG Finder is a very ideal application for them. With the help of PG Finder application college student easily find the room availability at nearby locations of their College. Just simply install this application on your smart phone, then select your college name and select your preferred area and you can get a search result.

PG Finder Android Application

With the help of PG Finder empowering students to choose their own roommates increases student and parent well-being, reduces room changes and sharing rates. Once you review your matches, you can send them a message or mail.

If you have a house for rent, PG Finder can help you rent your room. Simply post your room details, contact details with images. So anyone contact you through sms or mail in single click. It is completely free to post rooms for rent.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Arth Infosoft Celebreting CEO Birthday in 2014

Arth Infosoft pvt.Ltd celebrating CEO Birthday. Mr. Mayank Patel is CEO of Arth Infosoft IT website design and software development company. Employee order their company logo cake.

Arth Infosoft Cake
Mr. Mayank Patel
Arth Team

Arth Team

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

ArthInfosoft SEO Find Some Google New Stuf of 1st April

Hello everyone. Today we saw so many changes in Google. Today is 1st April 2014 and Google update or provide their new service or fetchers. Google gTrax apps, social icons in signature in the mail and in G plus profile now we can see how many people are in our circle and how many people view our profile.

Discuss About gTrax

Google provides a new app for the company as well as individual person to manage his daily online works. gTax is free up to 3 users but when the company increases users it will charge for each and every user only $1.99/month. gTrax is Time Tracking for Google Apps. You have the option of allowing your users to enter their time as ranges or periods.

Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature

We always put a website link or some information in the signatures during mail communication, but now we put various social media icons and link them to promote them. You can find the various images in the above image. So when we are doing communication with mails we have very nice option to promote company other profile links through Adding Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature. Now every single person who sees your emails now has a way to see your social media profiles too.

Google +
Now onwards we can see how many people view our g plus profile. This number is not just profile views – it's the aggregated total of photo, post, and profile views over the past year and a half or so. If you're posting publicly, that number is probably a lot larger than you think it is. If you don't want that information to be public, you can hide your shame by turning off the view count in your Google+ settings. But we are happy to see that how many people are interested to see our google profile.

We hope you all like our research.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Enjoy 5th Saturday Party with Playing Game and Lunch

Hello Every one. Here we are posting our new photos. ArthInfosoft enjoy 5th Saturday that is 29th march 2014. All employees plays housie game and take lunch.
After playing we announce 2 winners of housie game. 2nd price is for middle row lucky winner name is Miss. Mona Barot which is given by our managing director Mr. Mayank Patel
Now full housie winner is Mr. Jatin Patel who are lucky to complete whole housie. Mr. Mayank give a price to him.
Now Its time to announce employee of the month award. Miss Poonam karia and Mrs. Komal Modi are employee of the Month in ArthInfosoft
Now we announce consolation prizes for employee who are prove their work with efficiency and excellence work.
Mr. Huzefa gave a price for excellence in work to Miss Mona Barot
Mr. Kalpesh Chavda gave a price for excellence in work to Mr. Sachin Joshi
Mrs. Komal Modi gave a price for excellence in work to Mr. Prashant Singh
So finally we enjoy a lot
Arth Winner Team

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Successfully Completed 3 Years As A Website Designer Team Leader In Arthinfosoft

Mr. Kalpesh Patel is Successfully Completed 3 Years as a website designer team leader in Arthinfosoft. On behalf of ArthInfosoft we want to extend to you our warmest wishes for a remarkable three years completes as a Team Leader in Designing Department. It’s been wonderful working with you and your contribution and commitment to work is commendable. Your experience and technical expertise has truly been valuable for us. Your kind and cooperative nature has always boosted to your team members. You have been an inspiration to all the team members, and we appreciate your selfless service for so many years. With a team member like you Arth will definitely shine like a star in the sky one day. The company is thankful for having you.