Thursday, 30 April 2015

Arth Infosoft Creative Website Design and Development Portfolio

Here is the showcase of the Fully Customized Wordpress Websites successfully launched by Arth Infosoft, Ahmedabad in last 3 months. All of these websites are designed from scratch and integrated in Wordpress with of course responsive version. We developed all the sites completely dynamic to make it easily accessible for non technical clients. We have much more to share from our portfolio. Get connected for more info at
Ausind Solar
Blackburn Insurance & Financial Services
Get Your Mix
Journey In Style
Royal Promises
Rangoli School

Saturday, 14 March 2015

eduSMO - Social Media Optimisation for Educational Institutions

Promote educational institutes on online it is now a common. Now a day’s people are using the internet is habitual activity. Using the internet they are getting all the required information’s in some clicks. Social media is playing a huge role in the online promotion or online awareness. Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, G plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp etc..

If any people want to know about anything they are searching in search engines like Google as well as search in social media. Mostly 72% person internet users are now active on social media and 71% of users access social media from a mobile device. Parents are now searching school information online. They want the best school education for their child for a bright future for this parent now searching online for the best school in their relevant city. They are also using Google map for finding the school locations.

eduSMO provide social media service for the educational institutes which is created online awareness and popularity. Arth Infosoft provides eduSMO service especially for the educational institutes to create his profile in social media sites and create a brand identity online. We create social media profiles on behalf of institutional very affordable price. We create your presence on Google map to show your place in Google map.

eduSMO Package

It is also available for any kind of company or services. We create your online identity, online presence, online reputation and promotions. Contacts us for your requirement at or you can call us or WhatsApp on 9727735599 and ask about package which affordable and suites your service our representative guide you.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Find Room Or Roommate In Easy Steps

With the help of Roommate Finder App you can easily find a room or a roommate in easy steps. A simple download application you can find two options Roommate and Room select as per your requirement.
Roommate Finder Application

1. If you are looking for a room, then follows below steps
  • Select Search a room
  • Select college name, State, city and Area and press search button
  • You can find rooms listing and get a details
  • Selected rooms availability and contact them through Email or SMS
2. If you are looking for roommate then follow below steps
  • Select search a roommate
  • Select college
  • You can find roommate search result
  • Select your roommate and contact through Email or SMS
Roommate finder is very good and the best application for college students. Simple selects a college name and area students find room availability in their choice of area as well as if college student find same college student as a roommate then they also select only college names and share their room with them.

A person can easily find their choice of roommates for his room sharing. Upload your room photo, update your room details, mention rent and post in the roommate finder application. So who are searching for room they will find you through app and contact through SMS or Email.

As well as who wants a room they will also find a room through this application. Search a room simply select his college name and area and they will find various room availability options. Select your choice and contact them through SMS or Email.

Roommate Finder QR Code