Tuesday, 1 April 2014

ArthInfosoft SEO Find Some Google New Stuf of 1st April

Hello everyone. Today we saw so many changes in Google. Today is 1st April 2014 and Google update or provide their new service or fetchers. Google gTrax apps, social icons in signature in the mail and in G plus profile now we can see how many people are in our circle and how many people view our profile.

Discuss About gTrax

Google provides a new app for the company as well as individual person to manage his daily online works. gTax is free up to 3 users but when the company increases users it will charge for each and every user only $1.99/month. gTrax is Time Tracking for Google Apps. You have the option of allowing your users to enter their time as ranges or periods.

Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature

We always put a website link or some information in the signatures during mail communication, but now we put various social media icons and link them to promote them. You can find the various images in the above image. So when we are doing communication with mails we have very nice option to promote company other profile links through Adding Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature. Now every single person who sees your emails now has a way to see your social media profiles too.

Google +
Now onwards we can see how many people view our g plus profile. This number is not just profile views – it's the aggregated total of photo, post, and profile views over the past year and a half or so. If you're posting publicly, that number is probably a lot larger than you think it is. If you don't want that information to be public, you can hide your shame by turning off the view count in your Google+ settings. But we are happy to see that how many people are interested to see our google profile.

We hope you all like our research.