Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Find Room Or Roommate In Easy Steps

With the help of Roommate Finder App you can easily find a room or a roommate in easy steps. A simple download application you can find two options Roommate and Room select as per your requirement.
Roommate Finder Application

1. If you are looking for a room, then follows below steps
  • Select Search a room
  • Select college name, State, city and Area and press search button
  • You can find rooms listing and get a details
  • Selected rooms availability and contact them through Email or SMS
2. If you are looking for roommate then follow below steps
  • Select search a roommate
  • Select college
  • You can find roommate search result
  • Select your roommate and contact through Email or SMS
Roommate finder is very good and the best application for college students. Simple selects a college name and area students find room availability in their choice of area as well as if college student find same college student as a roommate then they also select only college names and share their room with them.

A person can easily find their choice of roommates for his room sharing. Upload your room photo, update your room details, mention rent and post in the roommate finder application. So who are searching for room they will find you through app and contact through SMS or Email.

As well as who wants a room they will also find a room through this application. Search a room simply select his college name and area and they will find various room availability options. Select your choice and contact them through SMS or Email.

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