Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Find a Roommate or Room with PG Finder Mobile Application

PG Finder
Arth Infosoft a launched new android application name is PG Finder. PG Finder is very helpful app for the college students who are finding room for rent as well as find roommates for their room. PG Finder is not affiliated with any particular college or university or any Real estate, but rather than it is an independent Android application for students who are looking for roommates or find a room. The application makes finding your college roommate, easy, fast and free.

Now a day’s find roommates or room quickly and easily with the mobile application. PG Finder is a great android application for those college outsider students who gets admission in another city they have faced residential problem to find the room. It’s free and simple install app and search, roommate or room by your college name. If you want to find a roommate for your room, then go into the roommate tab option or if you want to find room then select room option. You can find off campus housing nearby your college, or university by browsing the search in our database.

In Ahmedabad there are lots of colleges and number of students is taking admission in these colleges. For outsider students of Ahmedabad, PG Finder is a very ideal application for them. With the help of PG Finder application college student easily find the room availability at nearby locations of their College. Just simply install this application on your smart phone, then select your college name and select your preferred area and you can get a search result.

PG Finder Android Application

With the help of PG Finder empowering students to choose their own roommates increases student and parent well-being, reduces room changes and sharing rates. Once you review your matches, you can send them a message or mail.

If you have a house for rent, PG Finder can help you rent your room. Simply post your room details, contact details with images. So anyone contact you through sms or mail in single click. It is completely free to post rooms for rent.